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Déjate llevar por el espíritu heavy metal del evento superventas de DC a través de una edición nunca vista en el mundo del cómic

Cada entrega de la Band Edition de Noches Oscuras: Death Metal mezcla la iconografía del Metalverso de la saga con una leyenda de la música:


Los cómics de Death Metal están disponibles

Disponible en dos ediciones repletas de material extra protagonizado por cada estrella. La edición en cartoné incluye también dos láminas exclusivas. No te quedes sin tu copia. Resérvala aquí.

Consigue la guitarra exclusiva

Un objeto de leyenda ha sido encontrado en el corazón del Metalverso: se trata de una guitarra forjada con el mismo poder que ha transformado a los principales héroes del Universo DC.
¿Te gustaría hacerte con ella? El misterio se resolverá muy pronto.

Metalverse Map
Slaughter Swamp: After the Green started to burn, Slaughter Swamp began to rot and spread, fueled by arcane power, taking over Blüdhaven. Valley of Starro: A Batman from within the Dark Multiverse once conquered his world with Starros. Now that countless army slumbers as it awaits orders. Arkham Asylum: Dr. Arkham's house of horrors. Full of his many experiments. They say you can hear the laughter from miles away. Toymaster’s Vault: The entrance is rumored to look like a giant toy chest. Desert winds shield it from view. Junglelands: Another strange byproduct of the Burning Green. This wild jungle of Flesh is thought to be the remnants of the Red on Earth. Blackgate Tower: Once thought to be one of the most dangerous prisons on the planet, but what prisoners have been left screaming inside? ARKHAM WASTELANDS: Captain Atom sacrificed himself to stop the Batman Who Laughs, but he failed.  The fallout has been devastating, causing mutations across the continent. Harley Quinn protects this land with her transformed hyena. The Black Fleet: A terrible coalition of various aquatic Bat-vehicles make up the Batman Who Laughs’ naval forces. THE SEVEN SEAS: Aquaman has made a deal with the deadly BATHOMET to protect the oceans of Earth and keep people on land (and alive) in this Lovecraftian nightmare. On board a Nautilus-class submarine, he patrols the sea leading the Black Fleet…a one-man Navy Admiral for the Batman Who Laughs. Themyscira: The magic that once hid Paradise Island from the world has been twisted to make it the most impenetrable prison ever known to humanity, holding the world’s worst villains, with Wonder Woman its unwilling warden. Brimstone Bay: A beach of ash and fire full of demonic monsters. Secretly the resting place of the . Crypt of Heroes: Valhalla once sat in the shadow of the Hall of Justice, outside of what was known as Washington, DC. The resting place of fallen heroes, still guarded by a rotation of trusted allies… The Burning Green: The BatMage trapped the Parliament of Trees in constant flame. He keeps the elemental magic of the earth in agony and despair, instantly destroying the once-lush forests and plant life of the planet. Avalon: A pit of Tartarus, on fire. Not even Mister Miracle could escape it. Gemworld: Scattered gems riddle the burning landscape, echoing a once-great magical kingdom. Skartaris: Frozen. Rumored to be a haven to those who can wield ice and cold, but impossible to travel for those who cannot. City of Mystery: Haunted by the ghosts of generations of the world’s most powerful magicians, and untouched by hellfire. The Tower of Fate stands at the center. Fawcett City: The Rock of Eternity crashed here, unleashing the Seven Deadly Sins of Man, who toy with any mortal foolish enough to cross their paths. Even the magic word can’t save you here. Fortress of Sorrow: Believed to be the refuge of Mr. Freeze. Central City: Speed Force storms have been constant since the world changed, ravaging the city with fragments of hypertime.  THE HELLSCAPE: The BatMage ripped open the door to Hell itself to conquer all the realms of magic on the planet. It is literally Hell on Earth. Metropolis: A ruin, overseen by the Tyrant Sun, Solaris, astride what once was the Daily Planet. Machine City One: The A.I.s of the world banded together to fight, but were overcome by Batmanhunter and his Manhunter Army. They seek to re-create their homeworld of Biot. Valley of the Rainbow Rings: A graveyard for thousands of Lanterns. Their rings still glow because they can’t find any new worthy bearers. Skyport: Portal to New Apokolips (off-world, in the heart of what was once Earth’s yellow sun), manned by the Darkfather’s Pararobins and fueled by the computing power of his Alfredboxes. Warworld: An arena for the amusement of the Dark Multiverse Batmen that now rule Earth. It’s said they pull their greatest enemies from the Dark Multiverse and force them to fight to the death. Coast City: The City Without Fear is once again a ghost town, patrolled by a Batman wielding a Sinestro Corps ring. MEGAPOKOLIPS: As the Darkfather built his New Apokolips to trap Superman and fuel this world’s cruel sun, his technology spread and twisted this new continent with Anti-Life. Sgt. Rock’s Bunker: True location unknown. Castle Bat: This Batman was once a living City, and now takes his form as the home to the Batman Who Laughs and his dark council. This is the beating heart of the Metalverse. Wayne Manor: When the Batman Who Laughs twisted the world with incredible cosmic power, he destroyed the home of his enemy himself, brick by brick. Crime Alley: The only place in the labyrinthine infinite city allowed to stay intact. The Batmen of many dark worlds all come to pay homage to the parents they lost. Monarch Movie Theatre: An odd place of celebration. The Mark of Zorro plays on repeat in tribute. GOTHAM: The Batman Who Laughs, now all-powerful, remade Gotham City into a continent, stretching hundreds of miles: a nightmarish, infinite metropolis, devoid of humans, with giant Joker Dragons roaming the skies, torching all who dare pass below. THE FROZEN WASTE: When the sun was turned into a prison, the poles of the Earth grew colder and stranger. Now, any who set foot there seeking the old Fortress of Solitude freeze to death in seconds. NEW APOKOLIPS: A solar prison powered by Superman where the Earth’s heroes are currently imprisoned by the mighty Darkfather.

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